You deserve to feel & look beautiful! eyelash extensions

You deserve to feel & look beautiful! eyelash extensions

You deserve to feel & look beautiful! eyelash extensionsYou deserve to feel & look beautiful! eyelash extensions

makeup remover & facial cleanser

Soothing Aloe Vera Juice-based formula gently cleanses and moisturizes skin while six botanical extracts refresh and rejuvenate the skin, lashes and brows. Coconut-derived cleansing agent removes impurities and makeup while anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich botanical extracts including rosehip, chamomile, eyebright and cucumber calm, refresh and nourish and protect for a daily beauty treatment This award-winning and nourishing cleanser was formulated to effectively cleanse eyes and face without affecting eyelash extensions.

  • Over 90% natural with no artificial colors, fragrances, dyes, or mineral oil
  • Sulfate-free—won’t irritate or strip your skin of natural oils
  • Formulated to be used on eyelash extensions and natural lashes
  • Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • Contains six calming and soothing botanicals (chamomile, comfrey leaf, cucumber, eyebright, witch hazel and rose hip)

Beauty Launchpad Award Reader's Choice Best Eye Makeup Remover

Key Attributes

Over 90% natural with no artificial colors, fragrances, dyes, or mineral oil Six anti-inflammatory botanical extracts calm and soothe skin (chamomile, comfrey leaf, cucumber, eyebright, witch hazel, and rosehips) Sulfate-free formula won’t irritate or strip your skin of natural oils Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin Compatible with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions


amplifeye advanced

Combat the appearance of thin and aging lashes and brows with Amplifeye® Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier. This powerful serum is enhanced with a maximum concentration of proven vitamins, nutrient-rich botanical extracts, and our exclusive Amplifeye Renewal Complex™. Amplifeye Advanced delivers dramatic results in a lightweight, tack-free formula. With daily use, lashes and brows appear fuller and look more youthful. Amplifeye® your lashes and brows' voluminous look. This clinically proven formula works to dramatically enhance the appearance of natural lashes and brows. Amplifeye® your lashes and brows' ability to renew. Amplifeye® Advanced targets all three phases of the eyelash and brow hair cycle to maximize the hair's natural renewal cycle. Amplifeye® your youthful appearance. Lashes and brows appear longer and look more abundant, giving the entire eye a larger, more open, and more youthful appearance. Amplifeye® your eyelash extension attachment & longevity. This powerful serum helps stabilize the individual natural lash, creating the optimum anchor for healthy eyelash extension attachment.



  • 90% said lashes appear longer2 
  • 85% said lashes appear fuller2
  • 85% said lashes appear denser2
  • 90% said lashes look healthier2


  • 90% said brows appear fuller2
  • 90% said brows appear denser2
  • 90% said brows look healthier1

4-week clinical study on women age 31-53

12-week clinical study on women age 31-53


  • 75% said their eye area looks more youthful Individual results may vary.

Behind the Science

Amplifeye® Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier harnesses the power of Amplifeye Renewal Complex™, comprised of liposome encapsulated peptides rich in amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which make up the lash and brow hair fibers. With age, amino acid levels gradually decline, resulting in weak, thin, short, and sparse eyelashes and brows. Amplifeye Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier contains a high concentration of amino acid-rich peptides to visibly nourish eyelashes and eyebrows. • Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free and dye-free • Dermatologist tested • Prostaglandin-free and drug-free. • Nourishes natural eyelashes resulting in an ideal foundation for eyelash extension application • Compatible with Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions


protective coating

Extend the life of eyelash extensions! This innovative formula coats and seals the attachment area between the eyelash extension and the natural eyelash, creating a protective barrier against oil, perspiration, dust and debris. Style, shape, and hold curl while adding a subtle sheen- in just one step!

  • Adds longevity and protects eyelash extensions
  • Contours, shapes, and holds eyelash extensions into place
  • Easy application with the slim mascara-style brush
  • Safe on natural lashes

Apply only to dry, freshly cleansed Single-Layer™ eyelash extensions. Do NOT apply to Volumation® eyelash extensions. Do not apply this product 48 hours before or after an eyelash extension application.

Recommended use is 1-2 times per week. Increase application to 3 times per week if you participate in activities that involve excess perspiration, steam, or water.


total repair serum

Address fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and puffiness with an advanced multi-tasking eye care solution from Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli. This concentrated, oil-free serum has been clinically proven to hydrate, visibly firm, and reduce the appearance of aging on the delicate skin under the eyes and on the eyelids. Utilizing a powerful multi-peptide complex, this cutting-edge treatment helps promote skin's natural regenerative properties, resulting in more youthful-looking eyes.

Multi-peptide Complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting skin's natural mechanism to signal collagen production. This technology also helps prevent collagen breakdown triggered by naturally occurring enzymes that cause skin aging.

Micro-Lift Complex provides instant and long-term benefits by improving tone and texture. Cork oak extract forms an invisible matrix on the skin's surface to visibly lift and firm the eye area, while re-densifying peptides penetrate deeper layers to restructure the look of sagging skin.

Hyaluronic Sponge Delivery System utilizes microscopic hyaluronic acid sponges to carry active anti-aging ingredients into the skin. This hyaluronic acid network provides continuous hydration and delivery of active anti-aging ingredients through a sustained release system.

In an independent clinical study, 86% of participants felt significant improvement in skin firmness after just 6 hours. The following percentage of participants also noticed significant improvements in the appearance of the following after 8 weeks: Skin firmness 92% Skin smoothness 89% Reduced fine lines and wrinkles 86% Reduced puffiness 81%


lash densifying liquid eyeliner

Design a unique look with this doubled sided, felt-tip liquid eyeliner enriched with a lash nourishing peptide that is also found in our Amplifeye Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier. Developed to be compatible with eyelash extensions, this easy to use eyeliner ignites & inspires creativity. Use the Precision Tip to create a thin, precise line and fill in gaps along the lash line for dense look. Use the Style Edge to create the perfect winged line with ease. From day to night, this long-lasting eyeliner provides variety, convenience, and precision in a Classic Black shade that is sure to turn heads.

Key Attributes

  • Peptide-rich formula to nourish natural eyelashes resulting in healthier lashes
  • Double-sided with a Precision Tip for filling in gaps along the lash line for dense look, and a Style- Edge for creating a more dramatic winged look
  • Compatible with Xtreme Lashes Eyelashes Extensions and natural eyelashes
  • Long-lasting, smudge-proof
  • No flaking
  • No build-up on lash line
  • Removes easily with Xtreme Lashes Eye Make Remover & Facial Cleanser
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested


long lasting brow pen

Achieve flawless, sculpted brows with ease and confidence! This innovative formula fills sparse areas, evenly tints each hair, and disguises grays for a natural, youthful appearance. The soft-tipped pen allows for an effortless application without any waxy buildup or powder residue.

Insider Tips

Deep is a universal brown that suits cool blondes, light brown to deep brown or black hair. Product should be applied to brows that are clean, dry, free of skincare, and following face makeup/powder application.